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If you can think it, we can do it

With only the best equipment and the knowledge to drive it, we can service or repair any of your firearms.

We offer a competitive rate of $90 per hour plus materials/parts charge on all repairs and servicing .

We will provide you an estimate before works are carried out as well as having set prices for specific services,

All prices Include GST

Barrel Threading - $100  5/8x24 1/2x20 1/2x28 M14 M15 etc
Shotgun strip down and non part servicing - $150

Rifle Trigger lightening - $180 
Shotgun Cheek riser installation - From $250 (includes parts)
Scope mounting and sighting in services -$180+Ammo costs (includes dope chart)
Shotgun fitting services - $190 (Includes replacement recoil pad trimmed to fit you)
Shotgun Coaching and training - $90 per hour 2hr minimum (DTL, Skeet, Compak, Sporting) 


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